My Convention goals for next year is actually big conventions. I want to go to Anime Expo again, as well go to PAX Prime. Maybe try for one over on the other side for Canada. I don’t really enjoy these conventions in Van any more. They don’t really interest me any more. I rarely go with friends now, and end up wandering around by myself. If I’m gonna do that, I want to wander around somewhere huge and new.

In other news though, I’ll be trying to get another table at Tsukino to make me some paper. I haven’t sold in awhile, I wouldn’t mind doing some more.



Oh my god this is great. Ren you rock! Thanks!
Anime Revolution

I’ll be out at AR for my Birthday weekend! If you see me, hey hello! I’ll be in lolita all the days. Text me too if you wanta hang out~

A super amazing Collab with Box! I did the colours while Box did the awesome lineart.

Another piece for the Royalty AU. The Queen’s throne room is pretty shiny and stuff. She’d invite you in and put on a show most likely.

♛ Royalty AU ♛

Royalty AU!
The Undead King. Many different forms, and always changing.

♛ Royalty AU ♛


Holy shit this is awesome! I’d kill for a Monster Hunter style documentary on the lives of Wyverns, Fanged Beasts, Elder Dragons, etc. More than just the Ecology videos we get.

To those who don’t own Monster Hunter yet, look at this. Some of the monsters you fight and the same sizes as you’d actually fight them. Its AWESOME. Who doesnt want to take down a dragon whos bigger then a building.

Royalty AU!
Sij! An assassin and guard for the crown! Can you guess what one? Haha

♛ Royalty AU ♛

The Living Story so far has brought some amazing looking places to explore. So many places where I just stop and go ‘Wow.”

So uh, Royalty AU? I have the strong love for royalty AU’s and I’ve been having a load of fun designing outfits lately. I love making outfits with themes and based around peoples personalities/persona.

SO friends, I want to draw outfits for this royalty AU. Srsly. Like msg me and stuff if you want free art. Like for realizes. I want people to add to the AU and design outfits because its super fucking fun.