Weekend Loot!

While over in Van, I got a handful of cute things like GEEZ. Heres the list:

A cute cream parasol from FanExpo.
A ton of cute little plastic bags that I’ll use for when I sell at cons/craft fairs
A Flower fabric notebook.
Chocolate pocket mirror!
Five MH charms of Kitties and Piggies.
Cute food erasers.
A cute cup with Usopp, Robin, Franky, Chopper and Brook on it!
Two new bento boxes with some silicon heart cups
oh and some chocolates, haha.

"Well…shall we dance, then?

She smiled and adjusted her dress after standing up. “Alright,” she replied, “Lets go then!”

She strode over to the dance area where other pairs took part in a waltz.rhythmic melodies filled the air while partners in elegant clothing enjoyed the music in the new spring evening. Jade turned to Judas who seemed to be sulking behind her. She assumed he must be tired. One or two songs shouldn’t take too long, then they could both get some well deserved rest after the eventfull evening. Judas probably would want to return home to change after the water accident.

She smiled to Judas and held out her hand. “I believe the male partner leads, yes?”

This spring event was sure taking its toll on her. The continuous socal interaction was out of her general comfort zone. She didn’t notice her quietness untill Miss Umbra anounced she wanted something more to drink. There was a slight bitterness in her tone.

I wonder what happen with her… Jade wondered, but didn’t worry too much about it.

Taking a final sip, she finished her drink and turned to Judas. Red wine still occupied his glass. She desided that when he finished the glass, she’d ask him to dance for the last event. Ballroom dancing was always her favourite, but she never really got to do it often. A open air dance under stars would be rather romantic considering the style of the dance. She also found it suspicious that the only male partner she got was for the dance event. It didn’t matter much anyways, it wasn’t like she was romanticly involed with him. It would just be nice to end the evening with a calm waltz and head home to rest after the long festival.

"Ah… I apologize for her behaviour. She doesn’t seem like the type to be at parties.”

Speaking quietly, Judas downed the rest of his wine.

“Ah I see. She did seem a bit upset. I wonder what is wrong. I thought the party is going pretty well.” Jade replied, somewhat worried. Sighing slightly, she motioned to some partners in the distance. “Would you mind a short dance before the event ends?”

Ewecinox Note

I didn’t think the event would be extended, so I planned a trip this holiday weekend before hand. QQ I’m sorry if I don’t reply too much to the end of the event. I will be out of town and most likely will only be able to write via my phone without art. Sorry! I hope that’s alright.

Some of my Male characters from a handful of games

So like, anyone else come up with character personalities and stories for their characters in Games? Because I do. All the time.


Some of my girls are next.


Mondo is celebrating LAIKA Animation Studios with releases of CORALINE & PARANORMAN soundtracks on deluxe limited edition vinyl.

Oh OH OH. I want these Vinyls. please.

I wish I got to play games like those when I was a kid.

The Tired Prince and his BFF.



by Jen Zee

Deviant Art - Website

This game can’t come fast enough.


my sister’s south park douchebag 

[Previously X X X]

Some commotion was taking place back down at the water again. Goodness, she thought. That lake is unlucky with all these people falling in. I hope they are okay, whoever they are.

In relief, Miss Alanis was dragging woman up onto shore. Jade couldn’t help to notice this was the 2nd time she must of jumped into the water willingly like that.

After seeing the woman was alright, Jade turned back to Umbra and Judas. A few short strides and she sat down across from the green haired Elf and smiled.

“Hey Umbra! You don’t mind if we sit for a bit?” motioning to Judas.